How To Write Fast And Be Healthy

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Most often writers complain about writer’s block. True, it is annoying and might be a painfully long process. But lately, writer’s block hasn’t been my problem at all. I have a lot of ideas and they are all worth jotting down. But in the process of trying to get all of them published here is what happened:

–         I hurt my wrists.

–         My computer crashed.

This is just as infuriating as writer’s block. It took a couple of weeks for my hands to recover and cost me $100 to get my computer working. So I realized there are some guidelines we each should follow (but mostly fail or ignore to do so) when it comes to writing (on our beloved computers)

1)      Use a fast computer-processor. I can’t emphasize this one enough. My Windows Vista was killing me with its slowness. My friend joked that Vista was Bill Gate’s last cruel joke on us poor earthlings and he is right. When my system totally got out of control with viruses and needed to be formatted, I took this chance to get back to the faster XP.  I love efficiency and Vista is anything but.

2)      Get the fastest internet connection available. Internet is the heart of everything when it comes to writing. We use it to publish our stuff, make pitches, contact editors, do research, read fellow writers’ work, download programs that will make our life easier…The list is endless so the internet needs to be fast. A slower connection with a lazy processor can drive you mad. I am unfortunately speaking from experience. You will get much more work down and the money you make will much more than compensate for the cost.

3)      Get a healthy keyboard. I love my laptop but its keyboard really hurt my hands. As soon as I bought a user-friendly separate keyboard with a USB connection, problem was solved.

4)      Don’t forget to exercise. It is inevitable to spend time at your computer for hours. Laptops give you the opportunity to work at any position you need but I find that I work better sitting down at my chair. But this might result in neck pain and too much sitting does make you feel uncomfortable. So remember to take little breaks and exercise a little bit. It is also OK to play your favorite tunes and dance to them. In fact this is very beneficial tactic since it also drives away the sleepiness.

I am writing down these to remind myself as well. I have managed to obtain the first 3

but I seem to forget about number four but doing it regularly really helps

keeping you awake. Plus, it is a great way to avoid putting on the pounds.


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