How to Avoid the Extreme Acai Berry Diet Pill Scams

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The Extreme Acai Berry Diet Pill scam starts with a free trial but you pay shipping and handling. MAKE SURE TO READ THE TERMS!

If you do not cancel your free trial, yeah i know what your thinking why would you have to cancel a free trial, you will be charged every month in the amount of 90 dollars and some odd cents.

PLUS the trial period is 14 days but on the 14th day you get charged so you need to cancel within at least 12 days to remain safe.
There is also one more term most of us never seen because it was not included in the terms but is hidden on the web page and it indicates that you will be charged 8.51 in your trial of if you do not cancel your subscription. Again i have not yet found where on the web page this is located but you will be charged.


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