Extreme Acai Berry Weight Loss Pill is a HUGE SCAM

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The Extreme Acai Berry diet pill seems to be the answer for weight loss I mean Oprah and CNN are sworn to have said it is AMAZING! You need to know that this pill is nothing but compressed powder in the form of a pill and Acai berry has not been proven to help you lose weight but it is infact full of antioxidant which is wonderful for our bodies.

It all starts with the harmless free trial + shipping and handling. BUT WAIT you need to read the terms before making this purchase for you will be charged 90 dollars within a 14 day trial period unless you call immediately and cancel your trial. This has to be done no later than the 12th day or you will still be charged.

You will also be signed up for Pricelimbo.com and this is not in the terms. I hear it is on the web site but I am still unaware as to where it is located. This charge is about 8.51.

If you have a Pay Pal account use it to purchase items off the internet unless you trust the site. Pay Pal is a safe way to transfer money from you checking in the amount you need for the purchase and use that to buy your online items. That way there will be no money for them to take if it is a scam.


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