StarCraft 2 – the Return of the Best RTS Game in the Late 90’s

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In 1998, Blizzard Entertainment, an Irvine, California based video game developer, released a game called Starcraft. Starcraft is a real-time strategy game where players would build and control armies over a map and ultimately wipe each other out. The concept was not entirely new at the time but Starcraft proved to be a better and more exciting game than its competitor Red Alert.

Since its release, Starcraft has sold over 9 million copies worldwide and in the world of computer games where every game goes obsolete every time a new one comes out, impressively, Starcraft has endured without any major changes to its game play. With nothing else left to prove and a rabid pack of fans, Blizzard Entertainment announced in 2008 at the BlizCon convention that they will be making a sequel to their best selling video game.

Appropriately named Starcraft 2, the new game is set to be released in 2009. According to press releases and informed speculations, Starcraft 2 is designed to be the “ultimate competitive real-time strategy game.” The new installment will leverage online and local gaming modes. Naturally, Starcraft 2 will feature top-notch graphics, incredible audio and more realistic scenarios. As a consequence, the entire game will consume a lot more computing power that probably would require players to upgrade or totally replace their machines.

With the sheer number and quality of games flooding the market today, there is a bit of pressure for Starcraft 2 to blow away jaded players who have seen all and done all. Nonetheless, Blizzard Entertainment is adamant to deliver another award winning product that’s better than the one they released a decade ago. Moreover, with the massive fan base of the original Starcraft around the planet, Starcraft 2 is becoming the most anticipated game release the industry has ever seen.


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