Why Caffeine Can Be Bad For You

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Caffeine in moderation can be good for many people. But for others, caffeine is something to stay away from.

Some people are very sensitive to the effects of caffeine and very little, if any is all that is good for them.

Sometimes it is a health reason to skip the caffeine.

Whatever the reason, it’s good to know how caffeine affects you.

Caffeine is very harsh on the stomach lining and too much is bad. For some people, the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee is too much.

But, if you have an ulcer, you really need to skip any caffeinated beverages. At least until the ulcer has healed. Caffeine has never been proven to cause ulcers, but it can make you more susceptible to getting them and make any ulcers you may have worse.

Some women have fibrous tissue in their breasts and drinking too many caffeinated drinks may cause them to get sore and tender. Cutting back on the caffeine or eliminating it may be something worth trying if this is a problem for you.

Caffeine can cause mood swings. Some people are very sensitive to the properties in caffeine and it causes irritability or bouts of sadness. That and also feelings of anxiety. Instead of needing antidepressants, you may just be overly sensitive to caffeine.

Caffeine can cause headaches. In many people, it will help get rid of one. But some people get them from caffeine. It may be constricting blood vessels too much, causing pain.

Caffeine can make you tired. It may seem strange since it wakes most people up. But some people actually get sleepy after having it.

And, if you are cutting back or eliminating caffeine, you may get withdrawal effects. You may get headaches and be really, really tired.

In that case, weaning off is best instead of trying to go cold turkey.

But after a couple weeks all the withdrawal symptoms should be gone.

But, like anything, caffeine can be good if used in moderation. It is just important to know how it works in your body and how much you can handle.


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