Save Money on a New PC by Building it Yourself

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Even though it’s been 6 years I still shudder to think about the crappy computer I was renting from one of those rent to buy places. The pc was a celeron and I had no idea those were not very good computers until my boyfriend who lived in another state and who is also a computer technician had told me. By that time I had already paid over $800 and I felt that to cancel the contract would be a waste of money.

I think it would have better if I had. The price of the computer was $1500, but looking over all the receipts and paperwork a year later I noticed that with all the $150.00 monthly payments that took place for over 2 years actually had me paying over $3800 total for this horrible pc.

Even by the standards of that time, that pc was not a very good one. When my boyfriend visited and looked inside he was angry to discover that most of the hardware, especially the drives, had stickers on them saying refurbished, when I was supposed to have gotten a new computer. This unfortunately was discovered over a year after I had finished paying off for the pc. Needless to say I was out of luck, and stuck with a very slow, old, broken and refixed computer.

In the last 3 years I have built myself, family and friends over 10 pc’s and saved them lots of money. You can find super and name brand computers, but while there easy because all the work is done for you, there usually very expensive, even though prices have dropped over the years.

With the price of gas today and a new computer model being introduced an hour after you just bought the now ancient older model, I figured it would just be easier to build it myself. My boyfriend, now fiancee, has taught me nearly everything, and the rest I learned from reading and surfing the net.

First thing you need to do is make a list of what you will be using the computer for. MotherChip speeds should:

Avid Gamer: 2400+ I would go with a 2800 though

Web Surfer: 1600-1800+

If the computer is not for the internet at all and your just planning to read ebooks, type documents, listen to music then a 1200-1600+ gig should fit you nicely.

Building a pc doesnt have bring on nightmare and palm sweat. It really isn’t that scary. To make it simpler you should get a case that already comes with motherboard and chip. Computer cases come in all forms, so many in fact it once took me 2 weeks to choose from all the different selections that can be found the web today. The #1 place that I look for computer hardware from is

Weird name I know, when my fiancee introduced me to it I had no idea what the site was about, but they sell everything computers there, from hardware to software. Read the reviews and see what other buyers have to say about a particular case. They will let you know if the lights that might come on it wasn’t working when it was delivered, or if the usb ports are damaged.

Another great place to go that I have recently found when I built my mother’s pc are computer fairs. If you search online you should be able to find out when a fair is coming to your area, save some money and get prepared. The only drawback is IF they come to your area at all it might only be 1 to 3 times a year total.

Computer fairs are usually small computer businesses, but mostly online pc stores that have come to your town where there are usually hundred’s of potential buyers coming through. It cost $500-$600 to get all the parts needed to build my mothers pc, it might have been even less by $100 or more, but she was very insistent on getting the absolute highest of everything from ram to a pricey video card.

Yes she is a stubborn woman but like mother like daughter . The great thing about the fair is the fact that many of the pc dealers will install all the parts from motherboard to hard drives for you free of charge.

Walmart website also has a computer I have bought many times and its called a Sempron, they used to have another one that was 199.99 for the cheapest one I think. These are great for a novice due to the fact that this is a barebones pc and not a blank computer case.

A barebones computer is a pc that is usually missing Hard drive, CD-ROM drive, modem, floppy disk drive, and operating system. All the more difficult things to install such as the motherboard is already included in the case. Also you should consider getting a dvdrom or dvd burner instead of the regular cd-rom drives. They are significantly cheaper than they used to be and they do more than a regular cd-rom.

However you might have a cd-rom from your old pc that you can just toss in there as well, due to the fact that many time the cdrom will read a cd better and faster than a dvdrom/burner can.

So remember, check out the computer fairs, comparison shop at online computer dealers, and if you are a beginner or novice getting a barebones might be your best and easiest option. But if you know someone personally who builds computers, they might be happy to put the pc together for you if not free then much cheaper than going to customer support desks in most computer shops. I hope you take these tips and get on your way to building a great, but cheap pc.

If you do decide to buy all the components and build your own, you will find below a few websites that can help you put it all together with in depth instructions.

PC Mechanic
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