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You love shopping and shopping loves you. However, your wallet does not always love shopping. Here are a few ways to keep you, your closet and your wallet happy all at the same time. There are three simple rules to having your favorite designs in you closet. Those things are brain budgeting, shop post season, and step away from full prices.

Budget your spending and keep it in your mind. You can have a budget of $20.00 or you can have a budget of $100.00. Either way, you’re going to come out with something in hand. Whether you’re headed out for you monthly yard sales or you’re hanging with your friends at the mall, you can still get great trends and never have to go over your limit. Can you say shopping spree!

Post season shopping is not wearing clothes out of season. You just buy your sping wear in the fall and get all your great fall fashions in the spring. Be a trend setter and put different fashions together with those great articles of clothing you bought a few months back. Others’ trends will not last long but your style will always stick around. Look good and you never have to worry about running out of money just to fit in.

Step away from those full price racks. I know, it’s your favorite store but every store has clearances. Never buy anything at it full price because believe me when you see that same article of clothing three weeks later for 50% off you will want to cry. Every store has the kind of clearances when they are trying to get rid of the clothes to bring in new items so scope for those. You can get trendy apperal for dirt cheap. Visit stores like Ross, Old Navy, Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Rainbow, Wet Seal, It’s Fashion, Plato’s Closet,  City Trends, Burlington Coat Factory, Goodwill and various thrift stores in your area. They have great deals all year round

Follow these three rules and you will never have to go broke and your closet will always stay full. Also, remember to clean out your closet every six months so you can donate the clothes you don’t wear anymore to those clothing bins on street corners. They go to discount stores and the salvation army for less fortunate people. The main thing to do is have fun shopping.


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