Honda Vfr750 Fj/fk 1988/89 The Best Bike Ever Made

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                  THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE HONDA VFR750 FJ/FK  1988/89 MODEL ONLY

in 2006 i started taking my motorbike lessons to get through my  motorbike test. 5 months later i was looking to buy my first bike, i really wanted a sports bike but got advised

that they are to powerfull for a new rider, i only had £1000 (uk pounds) and wanted the best bike for my money. i came across a bike called an honda vfr750 f k 1989. an old bike

andwas adviced  that i should get this bike as it was rated one of the best bikes ever made .

so i traveled 200 miles on a train to get this bike , because i wasnt confident i only test rode it for 5 mile or so, i parted with my money £800 (uk pounds) (bargin)

3 years on from that day i still have the vfr750fk and in my opinion its the best bike you can ever buy and these are my reasons

the honda vfr 750 fk  started off being a bike you steered clear of. but since they changed the cam chain for cam driveshaft in the late 80s it as became the most reliable

engine you could have,, and it became the maker of honda although some say that honda as made a loss with this bike but saved the company from going bankrupt from there earlier

mistake with the earlier cam chain.

this bike is a v four twin exhaust bike.this v4 engine is known to be very reliable and very few known problems.   the fk model as a rc24 engine.

the vfr750 fk has 105 bhp and a top speed of 153 mph although ive only seen and felt 145 mph on this bike. the bikes top rpm is 10.500.  when riding anything over 7.500rpm your

in racing mode but this bike is a great all rounder. its class is a sports tourer, and the way it feels all depends on the rider,



this bike has 6 gears and every gear pulls really  well even with a pillion  . even if your in 6th gear doing 45mph you can turn the accelerater and within seconds you will be

at 100mph . if you gear up propery, let say between 4000rpm and 6.500rpm this is a lively bike with power, if you gear up at higher revs lets say 7500.- 8500 + rpm you are in

racing mode and this runs like a true sports bike with rapid acceleration. but please be warned the brakes are not as good as a really modern bike so please allow for this,

even on day trips out its great i put the panniers and cruse along all day at 70 mph , the amount of tourk will carry 2 big riders and all there luggage all day long, 

i even go riding with other riders who own big sports bikes and even  they are impressed with the bike , with a top exceleration of 0-60 in 2.3 seconds its quicker than top road

sports cars

it also has a good fuel tank holding 20litres and averages at around 48 mpg so if you drive senceable you will get around 170 miles plus your reserve.


this bike has a very low cost maintainence bill, and with a vfr750  manual a beginner rider or machanic can do all the servicing very easy from the step by step instructions .

with regular oil changes and a bit of tlc this bike will run forever.

 i bought this bike at 65.0000 miles and now has 145.000 on the clock, so you can see just while ive had the bike i have done a life time worth of riding, and im still hoping to

have this bike in another 3 years time.

i now also ride a honda cbr900 fireblade, which is in a totally different league to the vfr750 but still the vfr750 has a place in my heart and will always be recommended as a

brillient reliable, practical bike,

if you like to read more about the spec of the honda vfr 750 f models in detail please visit

im also a member of the vfr club which is a forum online where peaple share there passion of the vfr , you will find the vfr club here:

if you have a honda vfr 750 i have found a site where they still make replacement parts and very cheap too.  ( as they stop making parts for the honda vfr over 20 years old )

i hope this as been an interesting read, thanks

this review is all on ciao and dooyoo under the same user name



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