Things To Do While On Break From College

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Most students look forward to a break from college. A term (semester) of working hard, especially if exams have been involved, and playing hard can be incredibly draining. However, if you don’t organise your downtime carefully, you will find that your break is over and you haven’t accomplished what you should have. Here are some ideas of things to do while on break from college.

Make a list of what you need to do

Although your first thought may be to do absolutely nothing, it is worth noting down everything that you need to get done during the break. Try to give yourself deadlines for these tasks, so you don’t leave it all until the last week and then have to cram it all in.

Have a few days off

Give yourself a proper break. Spend some time acclimatising (presuming that you are not still living at college), watch television, catch up on sleep and do exactly as you want. Everyone deserves a rest; just ensure that you don’t make your entire break one big long rest.

Catch up with friends and relatives

If you go to college some distance from your hometown, the chances are that you haven’t seen friends and relatives for quite some time. Make an effort to call them up and visit. You may have a new life now, but keeping in touch with friends and family is still important.

Leave plenty of time to do assignments

You will almost certainly have an assignment or two to complete over the break. Make sure you start work on it sooner, rather than later, and certainly don’t leave it until the beginning of the next term. You will be busy enough then with new classes and administration.

Get ahead

There is no harm in reading ahead for the next term. You will find that knowledge is retained much better if you are learning while relaxed and it will make your next term’s lectures all the easier. If you have text books, you could even try working on some exercises.

Earn some money

Most students need to earn some money to help them pay for college costs and even those with wealthy parents may like to have some extra spending money. However, try not to leave looking for a job until the last minute – start applying before you finish the term at college. If possible, find work that is linked to your course – it will be great experience and will look good on your resume.

Complete an internship

Internships are another option. You may not earn any money, but you will gain a wealth of experience, particularly if it is linked to your course, and it could even net you a job once you have graduated. Again, you will need to prepare for this before the holidays start. Ask your teachers and professors for their help.

Look after your health

If you’ve had a term of hard studying and partying, you may well have neglected looking after your health. Try and at least partially put things right by eating well, cutting down on alcohol and fitting some exercise in. It will prepare you for the rigours of the following term and hopefully you will look and feel better too.

Buy new clothes and other necessary items for the new term

Decide what, if anything, you need for the following term. If you need to buy books and clothes, then shop around and try and save as much money as you can. Again, if you leave shopping until the last couple of days of your break, the chances are you will have to pay higher prices.

Follow these tips and you should return to college feeling rested, healthy and prepared.


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