"don't Shoot, I'm A Republican!"

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A few days ago, House Minority Leader, John Boehner from Ohio, took the stage and made an appeal to the American public to deter from engaging in acts of violence, demonstrative of their discord with the affairs of Congress or Congressional processes; behaviors that appear to be in conjunction with the newly adopted law involving ‘Healthcare Reform’.  In effect, he was chastising or emphatically discouraging, the passion of which the public expresses its admonishment of the representation that they believe they are receiving in Congress.  While calmly stating that violence or directed derogatory statements made toward ones respective representative is not the ‘right’ means to affect change; he added that, simply, voting Democratic incumbents out of office in November, in lieu of Republican replacements, would be the resolving cure for the ‘anger’ the public is experiencing at this time.  He holds himself, and his party, as champions of the righteous cause.

Mr. Boehner had no entitlement extending such an appeal, nor directing the ‘hostile, disgruntled’ public into believing that he, or his party, was in sole possession of the salve that would heal the wounds of their feelings of injustice.  His approach was self-serving, as it is a contemporary politicians’ nature, and significantly misguided.  In essence, he is stating that the public should simply keep their anger to themselves, trust him and his party, and all will be well with the country; and that their ‘voice’ should be solely relegated to the vote that they cast in November.

The erroneous assumption that Mr. Boehner makes is that the public, somewhat blind in their anger, believes in the system.  Regardless of its origin, the public is clearly outraged with the realization of their inherent insignificance; and is ‘hurt’ that they don’t seem to matter.  They have come to realize and knowingly confirm that the political power and processes are their own entity and their own corporation.  Congress doesn’t represent the public; Congress represents Congress.  With this, the public has every legal and Constitutional right to express their anger in a medium that is commensurate with their level of anger or alienation.  Mr. Boehner is correct in his plea, on behalf of the sanctity and security of the country, to discourage acts of violence that breach our governing laws.  It is not appropriate to vandalize a building or threaten to take a life, or actually act upon the latter.  However, he is wrong in trying to diffuse the collective anger entirely, as it is this anger—fused appropriately, that will, in fact, affect the required change.

While the vote is recognized as the most powerful weapon in the hands of the commoner, this vote should not be wasted.  Entertain the thought of completely dismissing All incumbents, whether Democrat or Republican, in November.  Communicate the identical disregard that you, the citizen, are experiencing from your Congress.  Contemplate/Research that ‘third-party’ candidate, the independent, and determine if his/her political minority is likely to be due to a lack of funding or personal wealth—that this person actually desires the prospect of representing you rather than simply seeking a career in a profession of deception.  Dilute the two-party system, purge it.  Write, call, and e-mail the representative you are unhappy with and make him/her miserable, make them think.  Communicate to them, remind them, that their position assumes complete, unadulterated altruism of all their actions; and that the majority of their energy should NOT be spent in re-election endeavors, but in directed service of you.  Be symbolic:  make expressive signs, posters—gather in public places; send dead flowers or baskets full of rotten fruit to you representatives.  Find a means, symbolic or otherwise, to communicate your admonishment.  Also, find a means to ‘reward’ the same individual when he/she has done something to your liking.  Simply complaining or arguing among like thinkers all the time will not create change or gain profitable results; and the most fitting example of the failure of this process and ideology is the present leadership in the United States of America.  There is an ugly division in our leadership at this time; and, “divided, we fall”.

Ignore Mr. Boehner’s plea; and let your voice be heard


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