Casey Anthony text messages: Caylee Anthony case update

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There is new evidence for the Casey Anthony case and those are text messages to and from Casey Anthony by her boyfriend , friends and Cindy, her mother according to Fox News. Casey Anthony stated that she was busy looking for Caylee but the text messages told a different story. The text messages indicated that she was no where worry and looking and was busy planning to get together at a night club called Scoops. This behavior from Casey is telling the team that she was not concern about the missing baby and that it didn’t effect her ability to party or planning to party at all. This kind of behavior is not the norm for mothers of a missing young girl. In any normal situation, the mother would be deeply affected by it and would not be able to party and celebrate when their daughter is missing.

Caylee was reported missing on July 15 but three days earlier, the text messages were an indication that she was not out there to look for Caylee. From Fox News, the text messages are as following: on July 12 at 1:27pm, a message was send to Casey from an unidentified person, and it’s “ If I get everyone together for you tonight, are you down to have fun.” The same day, at 7:41pm, the same person send another message and it’s “ Back booth tonight, 80s retro dancing. Tonight it’s on.” On July 14 at 9:39pm, Casey got another message from an unidentified person and it’s “ Scoops tonight.” Scoop is a nightclub in Orlando.

On July 15, Cindy reported Caylee missing and send this text “ Call me ASAP, Major prob.” To Casey. This is a very important text right here. July 16, Casey’s boyfriend , Anthony Lazzaro wrote her a message “ where is Caylee?” Eight minutes afterward, he send another message “ Why wouldn’t you tell me, of all people? I was your boyfriend that cares about you and your daughter. It doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you lie to me, thinking she was fine and with your nanny?” Six minutes afterward, he send another text “Who is this Zannie nanny person?” They do have Casey text message “ Caylee is missing. She has been for 32 days now. Please, if you have any information, call me on my cell at home.”

On the same day, Casey’s ex fiancée Jesse Grund send her a text , and it reads, “ 32 days—is that a misprint?” This text right here gives us clues that it has been 32 days and Casey never reported the child missing and continue to party until Cindy call 911. This one text right here tells people that Casey was not busy looking for Caylee since it has been 32 days like she told people that she did.



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