Farmville Cheat: Send 3 Spring Eggs At Once

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UPDATE: March 30, 2010 Sorry, everyone, Zynga removed the three egg gifting. I was able to earn enough eggs for three windmills, hopefully the rest of you cashed in on the glitch over the weekend. The glitch worked Friday though Monday for all farmers.

1. If you still have the “3 Spring Egg” gifts spending, some will work and others will produce an error message.


2. Use those extra players to send your main player the 3 Spring Eggs. Farmers who have been with FarmVille for seven days or fewer still have the option of sending 3 Spring Eggs.

3. A fellow farmer suggested that if you change the date on your computer the 3 Spring Egg gift will stll work. That did not work for me. It seems that the gift is more attached to the player than the time, which is why the only way to fill that basket quickly now is give yourself the same advantage of the new farmers, and use extra players.


New farmers can automatically send three Spring eggs instead of one, and now you can too, at least until Zynga fixes this glitch. Take advantage of it now, and earn the top prize: a working windmill. Fill your Spring Basket with FarmVille Spring Eggs fast, so you can get outside and enjoy spring!

This is real, this is not a virus, there is no fan page or joining. If you look at the URLs you will see that. I am normally a skeptical person and I don’t join the FarmVille glitch pages on FB which claim to give you a gazillion of something for free. I tried these links out before I posted. I have a windmill now.

New Farmers and 3 Spring Eggs

Farmers who joined FarmVille less than seven days ago can send legitimately send three Spring Eggs to their neighbors. Find new farmer friends or create a couple of extra players to take advantage of this feature for new farmers.

FarmVille Cheat: How to Send 3 Spring Eggs at Once

One smart and sneaky farmer figured out how the rest of the the FarmVille farmers can also take advantage of sending 3 Spring Eggs at one time.

1. Log in to your Facebook account

2. Paste in one of these URLs

3 Blue Spring Eggs

3 Orange Spring Eggs

3 Pink Spring Eggs

3 Purple Spring Eggs

3 Red Spring Eggs

If you already sent a neighbor some FarmVille Spring Eggs, you can only use one per day. Even if you use these you can still Ask for Eggs from your neighbors.

Spring Basket Prizes

FarmVille farmers can trade in, or FarmVille is now saying “buy” these limited edition items with their Spring Eggs.

10 FarmVille Spring Eggs = One Mystery Egg

20 FarmVille Spring Eggs = OneSunny Ewe, a yellow sheep with egg antennae

30 FarmVille Spring Eggs = One Bunny Gnome

40FarmVille  Spring Eggs = One Gilded Egg

75 FarmVille Spring Eggs = Flower Fountain, light blue with pink flowers

150 FarmVille Spring Eggs = Dutch Windmill


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