Apple Laptop Reviews

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Apple makes a list of laptops that are designed to make life easier. Each laptop has something to offer everyone, which make them appealing to a huge following. Their look and design is sleek and modern with an inside packed with great features, the whole package is a laptop that is well loved by anyone who decides to use one.

The Mac book is a simple looking laptop that has lots packed into its small case. IT has 2.26 GHz Intel core 2 Duo and 2GB of DDR3 memory. And a 250GB hard drive for lots of playing around with. It also features 8 time`s double layer of super drive and a Nvidia Geforce 9400m graphics. With seven hours of built in battery time there is lots of room for being mobile and using it on the go. Its frame is a polycaronate-unibody which means it is tough and durable for all kinds of use.

The Mac book Pro is also a stylish looking laptop. It has an Intel core 2 drive with 4GB of memory and a SD card slot. This laptop also has seven hours of battery life which makes it very appealing. Its Nvidia Geforce and 4000M of graphics make this laptop worth taking a look at.

The Mac book Air, is a great system that is light weight and modern to look at. It offers an Intel core 2 Duo processor with 1066 MHZ front side Bus, 2GB of memory and 128GB of solid hard drive.

The Mac Mini has a few models to choose from. Each one features different amounts of memory and hard drive space. The top of the line in this series has a 2.53 GHz Intel core 2 duo processor and 4GB of memory. Its 320GB hard drive and 8 times double layer super drive make it a great laptop to have. It also has Nvidia Geforce and 9400M graphics for optimum color and movie watching. This little system is more powerful than ever and is also wireless which is something that is unexpected for most. The great aspect as well is that it is the most energy efficient laptop there is, and when it`s on idle it only uses 14 watts of power.

The Imac features a ATI Radon ability which makes it perfect for anyone who uses that sort of technology. It also has HD 4850 graphics and a 512 MP with 8 times double layer super drive. It has 4GB of memory that make it an awesome laptop to utilize.

Macintosh laptops are notably different from the rest. They not only look more appealing with their white bodies and shiny cases, they also feel different, being light weight and super thin. The uni-body design truly keeps them durable and unbreakable, which can give you peace of mind as you travel with it. The features that are packed into them give them lots of value for the money. They also care about the environment and make it a priority when designing certain models.

Anyone who uses an Apple laptop is happy with the user friendly abilities and program packed hard drives. The graphics are amazing and keep up to speed with current technologies and trends. These laptops sit above the rest with a brand name to back up their reliability and high standards. Picking one is just a matter of what exactly you need, the amount of memory and what kind of processors you require.

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