Rihanna Defines A 'rude Boy'

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Artist: Rihanna

Video: “Rude Boy”

Album: Rated R

Label: Def Jam Records

Director: Melina Matsoukas

In “Rude Boy”, Rihanna decides to go down the Lady Gaga fashion route while she sings about what she wants guys to do to her as she struts her stuff in front of one too many green screen sequences to count. That’s pretty much the gist of what we’re looking at here. The music video is quite colorful and pretty to look at, without a doubt though, I’ll give Melina Matsoukas many props for that.

Rihanna is shown playing a drum set in one sequence and performing different 90s Jamaican dance-hall moves in others (i.e. the bogle, the tatti, and butterfly to name a few). Rihanna dons around seven different outfits including a multi-colored miniskirt, a black halter-neck, and a zebra print bodysuit. But the only time she actually looks attractive in the video is when she’s in the zebra print bodysuit with the long hair. I’m sorry, but this weirdo hair style/tomboy look still isn’t doing it in the sexiness department.

The music video is also intercut with several scenes where Rihanna performs with a group of male dancers, one of which she has the privilege of peeking down his pants in front of the camera. I guess that’s the only way she can find out if he’s a rude boy or not… so to speak. I assume the only other qualification for the ‘rude boy’ position is if you can tolerate hearing this crap over and over and over again on the radio, because I seriously can’t take it anymore.


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