How To Prepare A Dynamite Resume That Will Get You The Job Offer

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Writing a resume may seem an easy task for some people.  However, writing a resume can actually be a chore, a chore that will ultimately get you the job that you want.  It is important to keep in mind some key issues when writing or updating your most recent resume.

 First, remember your resume must tell a story about you and you want to make it as detailed as possible, especially with the tight economy and massive unemployment.  Your resume needs to be detailed but don’t over do it.  If you resume is too lengthy, employers will lose interest and possibly toss it in the trash.

 Next, make sure you emphasize key points of the resume including experience level, prior jobs and any accomplishments or awards received.  You need to impress the interviewer within the first five minutes of the interview in order to be considered for the position.

 Finally, employers are not permitted by law to discriminate due to age however; I feel sometimes that they do.  An employer will never openly admit that a candidate wasn’t hired due to age, they would probably tell you something else unrelated to age as a reason for not being hired.  Just to be safe do not put date of graduation from college or any of the jobs for that matter.  Leave the dates up to the employer to figure out.  If age of the candidate doesn’t matter, than the employer shouldn’t have a problem with dates being omitted from the resume.


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