Brink Of Insanity

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We all have our good days and our bad days.  When you are a parent there is certain periods of absolute chaos. So much going on at one time. Things seem to go in spurts, like the children being sick, one right after another to the point where you wqnt to collapse from pure exaustion but you can’t because you are the glue. Yes, that’s right mom, you’re the glue. You may not be able to keep everything running smoothly all the time but you do keep everything running. i don’t just say this because I am a mother now, I can think back to my poor mother dealing with six children and very little money. We weren’t poor by any means but there was no change spilling out of our pockets either. Now when I thiink back to how awful I was to my mother I feel so bad. She is a really good sport, she said she would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I am at the point in my life where I would not do it all again because I am so tired. It’s been years since I have slept, I mean years. First my daughter had major sleep isuues for years and when she finally came out of it my son starts.

I have figured out my son’s issues but it will take a little while for the calm to set in. Meanwhile my mortage Company is draining us, my husband just bought a truck that won’t start(and we paid $17,000 for it) and they won’t take it back and nobody can tell us what is wrong with it because nobody knows. So we have been putting money that we do not have into a truck that will not start. So lay that on me on top of being so exausted that I swear I am a walking talking zombie. Now I am sure you are wondering what the moral of this story is,

Well I guess the moral is that this mother is a little angry. Nothing is going my way, I am tired and broke. Why in the name of hell are we broke when we work our asses off everyday. I would just like to see the little guy make it for once. Either get some sleep or win the lottery, either one will do at this stage of the game. 


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