A Buying Guide For Lipstick

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Buying lipstick is like buying clothes – there is no one style or color that will suit every person. The choice of color and brand are important to coordinate the lipstick with your skin tone and your outfit in order to achieve the look you want to have at the moment. You may wear a different type and color of lipstick to work and another to dress up for a night on the town. This article will provide you with some tips to consider when buying lipstick.

When do you wear lipstick?

Think about how often you have to apply lipstick. If you don’t want to have to run to the powder room to refresh your lips every so often or take out your compact at your desk, then you should look for a lipstick that has long wearing power.

Choosing the right color

The hardest part of buying lipstick, though, is the color. The color may look great in the tube but when you put it on you find that it doesn’t even look as if you are wearing lipstick or the color may make your lips stand out more than you want. You have to consider your skin tone in order to find a color that suits the color of your skin. These are usually grouped as being warm or cool. Those with fair or pink skin fall into the cool category and should look at wines, violets, plums and pinks in choosing a lipstick color. If your skin is dark or tanned then you have a warm skin tone. The best color choices are corals, nudes and browns.

Try out different brands of lipstick

Experiment with different brands of lipstick to find one that works for you. No one brand works best for everyone. Some brands apply very thickly, while others are very thin. This will depend on your individual taste in the amount of lipstick you need for each occasion. Some brand name lipsticks are more expensive than others, so your budget in makeup will determine which brand you want to buy. Buying lipstick, though, is no different than making any other purchases – you get what you pay for. Higher priced lipstick usually lasts a lot longer than the more inexpensive brands.

The four types of lipstick

Then there is the type of lipstick to consider. There are four main types – crème, matte, satin and sheer. Creme lipsticks are shiny and can work alone or under a clear gloss. These are creamy and will protect your lips from drying out. Matte lipstick does not have a shine, but it does have a deep color and is long-lasting. Sheer lipstick does not have a color and usually comes in a stick form. It does provide a gloss to your lips as well as protection. Satin lipstick is great if you want a natural look to the color of your lips. You can also use this lipstick to provide color to your cheeks. These come in liquid format rather than in tubes.

Testing lipstick

There are always test lipstick tubes for you to sample when you are buying lipstick. You should never apply the lipstick to your lips or even the skin on your hand to test out how this color will look on you. This is obvious for health reasons. The best way to test the color is to try it on a piece of white paper to see what the color is actually like.


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