Alternate Plans For Safe Retreats

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Alternate plans for safe retreats

By Joseph Parish

While we may think that we are clever and very smart when it comes to creating different scenarios which could take place in the real world when danger threatens us we may find that we are merely fooling ourselves. We will never know for sure if we are selecting the proper course of hunkering down or perhaps to bug out.

Consider for a moment that you and your family had all your supplies wiped out as a result of a disaster. There are a considerable number of scenarios which come to mind as to how this could easily come about however let’s for a minute assume that this has actually occurred after all of your years of disaster planning and making all the necessary preparations. All your food, weapons, supplies, medicines and first aid materials, fishing and hunting supplies gone, your alternative power equipment gone, all your camping gear destroyed, your clothing left in rags, the BOV damage4d beyond repair, no fuel what-so-ever, communications gear completely wiped out, seeds destroyed and perhaps your home and bug out location has been over run and taken over.

In such situations do you have alternate plans in the making? Can you honestly say that this could not happen to you? Well it could and provisions must be made to deal with emergency situations such as these.

I am sure the act of after thought will quickly come to mind with ideas as to what you could have done differently to prevent this from happening. How could you have prevented the loss of all your supplies?

You may only be a single individual who has worked hard to prepare for any sort of emergency or you might even belong to a group of like minded people who have built up a stockpile for several decades. But either way you could be looking at many years of hard work and preparation gone in a short period of time. Keep in mind that it only takes a larger majority of people to quickly over throw and reverse what you have worked so hard to accomplish.

I bring this type of scenario up at this time so that many of us can give it proper thought and perhaps be better prepared with our hidden cache in the event that we are actually over thrown. If any of us remain in the city or the suburbs it will only be a matter of time before we are attacked by outsiders who have failed to store supplies of their own. What moves can we take to protect and preserve what we have accumulated? Would it be possible to maintain supplies in more then one location? If you are in a group would you consider it a safety move to not inform so many of the members of your group of all the locations of stored supplies? Proper planning must take place now and not when TSHTF and you are confronted by the hordes of freeloaders, vicious gangs of thugs, frightened and scared neighbors, and national martial law or presented with the anti-hoarding laws.

The problem doesn’t stop with having your garage or basement filled with supplies. The point to be made here is you can loose it all very easily.

In reviewing the situation we are presented with several alternatives. The first is that we could choose to hunker down with our retreat. This retreat could have a lot of supplies in it plus perhaps a wood burning stove for winter time heat. This retreat should not be visible from the road and we must remember that wood burning stove send out smoke signals that we are there.

Our next plan may be to bug out with the supplies which we can carry in our BOV and maybe an attached trailer. Possibly you have picked out a site somewhere that you feel would be safe. Is the site easily accessed? If so that is not good. Is it near a body of water? This would be a plus for the site. For power would you use a generator? Once again this would certainly give your location away if your equipment were noisy. What about fuel to run the generator? Have you stored up on that? 

These are merely scratching the surface of possible scenarios that could take place. Sit down and consider your own situation and what could happen in your neck of the woods to affect all your hard worked out plans.

Copyright @2008 Joseph Parish


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