Are You Twittering, Myspacing, Facebooking Or Blogging?: What Are You Up To?

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“Jane says why would you come without tissue? I had no IDEA! BRAVO BRAVO!!”- Oprah on seeing RUINED on June 6th.

Isn’t amazing how with all the sites that can keep us “in touch” there is always a new one popping up that gets even more amazing? We can not only see what our friends are doing, but we can check up on our favorite celebs like Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and everyone else.

When I first heard about MySpace, I remember it was my first year of college and the guy I was dating hung out in a place called the SA Café on campus. I and everyone else I knew considered this hang out for the… geeks. Anyway, he hung out there and often told me of this MySpace fiasco that had everyone raving. I stuck to my guns though, I wanted nothing to do with it, why I don’t know, but I was sure it wasn’t something I wanted to be hooked to.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t holding on to my guns too tight and I soon slipped away onto my computer and typed in This was it. I was joining the millions of people. Soon, I was lost in a world of finding old classmates, updating my profile, search for layouts and glittery signs, googling different banners and commenting on all my friends. I was telling my mom about this great site and making her and everyone make a page. I had all the places to get cool layouts bookmarked, and even tried to befriend anyone and everyone.

Then came Facebook. A place I thought I had really not one ounce of interest in. Though, for some reason, I logged into and made an account. Granted I still am weak in the facebook area, I still have an account.

Then it was Blogger. This really caught my fancy and I never said I wouldn’t do this one. With no hesitation I typed in I found this one to be my favorite place. With all the writing I do, I figured this would be the place where I could have my own on-line portfolio. I soon found myself with a blog for my every day, a blog for my writing and a blog for my photography. I find myself constantly checking to see if anyone commented my posts, or to see if anyone finds my stuff interesting so much that they want to follow me so they don’t miss a thing.

Now the new thing is Twitter. I was sure, that with every fiber of my being that I would never get mixed up in this site. I saw no need to advertise to the world what I was doing and when I would be or was doing it. But this site was plastered everywhere! The TV was talking about it, CNN was talking about it, and it was in many articles on the internet. I was not free- they were trying to buy my attention for this site with every place I looked. They even got me with my favorite actor. You know, it was Ashton Kutcher who made me make an account? I honestly can say I DO NOT KNOW WHY I MADE AN ACCOUNT! Then- it happened. My Aunt who is slightly computer illiterate, became a Twitterer. I couldn’t believe it. I had the account and blew off the site for a month. Now, just today, I have twittered six times. SIX! About everything; what I am watching, what I am writing, what I am just generally doing.

This is it. I am an internet communication junkie. I can be found here, there and everywhere. I am logging into sites like my hometown newspaper and leaving comments on heated articles, I am posting my articles there and letting people from my community battle it out with their opinions, then I am spreading it to CNN with iReports! And letting communities everywhere know about a place that most people cannot spell or pronounce properly (unless you are from here). I have passwords I have to remember, sites bookmarked and updates I make daily.

I am Ashley Vincent and currently I am ending this article because I think I made my point, and now it is lunch time. My two-year-old is craving Peanut butter and Fluff. Mmm! (I even Twittered that exact sentence.) What are you up to?


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