A Safe And Green Way To Control Common Ants

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A safe and Green way to control common Ants

By Joseph Parish

The diligent ant has existed on our planet for millions of years and is found just about anywhere on the earth. At the last estimate there were approximately 20000 diverse species of the creatures.

Ants tend to build a variety of homes ranging from the common little dirt mounds we often see in our yards to more elaborate structures created with sand and small sticks. These more imaginative homes offer the ant added protection from water and rain. You can discover some ants which reside in pieces of wood similar to their relatives the termite. The army ants do not have a permanent home but they travel as a group in search of food.

You always have three different types of ants known as the queen, the female workers who are sterile and the males. The only purpose of the male ant is to mate with the queen ants. The queen ant progresses to adulthood, she mates and spends the remainder of her days laying eggs.

The ant’s species will progress through four different stages of their development: the egg, the larva, the pupa and finally adult.

Ants are composed of three main body sections. These sections are their head, their trunk and the rear known as the metasoma. The ant has six legs which are attacked to its trunk. Their head has eyes, jaws and their antennae. The ant’s eyes are composed of a multitude of lenses which enable them to visualize movements very well.  Within the antennae are organs which allow them the sense of touch, smell, hearing and taste. The rectum and stomach is located in the metasoma.

An interesting point made about ants is that they do not have any lungs. They have tiny holes located over their body which allows the oxygen to enter their body. They have no sort of blood vessels. A long tube represents the heart and pumps colorless blood back and forth within the body.

If you were to spend a few hours carefully observing ants you would quickly discover that they possess an effective means of communication between each other. Ants make good use of their antennae by using it to touch and this communicate with their fellow ants.

During the summer month’s people will continually complain of ant infestations within their homes. A glance at the sidewalk in front of many homes will show a trail of these little workers leading from one point to another. I have often been asked what is the safest way to get rid of unwanted ants. Generally these people do not wish to use a dangerous chemical in the process.

I have found that a safe and non poisonous alternative is to use the common breakfast food known as Cream of Wheat. Cream of Wheat will kill the ants off naturally.  All you need to do is sprinkle the Cream of Wheat right from the box onto the ground where the ants are traveling. The industrious ants will carry the dry cream of wheat off with them and they in turn will eat it. The ant’s body fluids will cause the digested cereal to start expanding and the ants will simply blow up.

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