How To Get The Perfect Pedicure At Home

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How you can get the perfect pedicure at home. Why not do your own pedicure at home and save some money. It is not hard at all. Why spend alot of money going to the salon for a pedicure. Do it yoursef. Your feet will look polished without the actual polish on them. We all need to try to save money these days. Step 1. First while you’re in the shower or bath exfoliate the bottoms of your feet including spots like the sides of your toes where calluses tend to build up. With a pumice stone or a foot file. Then gently push your cuticles back with a washcloth. Step 2. Then hop out dry off your feet good. Then trim and file your nails. Cut them straight across then clip the very edges at about 40 degree angle. This prevents in grown toesnails for coming. By taking away the sharp corners. Then use a buffer with different grits ideally to polish them to a high shine. Start with the coarest and end with the finest. The sheen you’ll get should last about a week and almost look like you have polish on. Step 3.Then slather your feet with a thick lotion and then put on some socks for about an hour. The combo of your body heat and moisturizer will help repair any crack in your shin and make you feet so soft. You should do this everytime you change your polish. Yor feet will look so good when you put on those open shoes in the summertime.


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