Fresh Picked Tomatoes In February

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Living in Canada we have a short growing season. It seems everyone with a vegetable garden grows tomatoes. The main problem seems to be what to do with all the green tomatoes at the end of the season. I mean, hey, you can only fit so many of them on the window sills before you run out of space.

We’ve come up with many recipes using green tomatoes, fried green tomatoes, green tomato chutney, pickled green tomatoes, etc.

You can pick fresh tomatoes in February. This doesn’t require any fancy cold frames or green houses, no large (or small) planters, no soil, no watering, no work, except of course picking them.

The only things required are a few elastics, a few nails and a closet or basement. But most of all you have to be heartless! You have to rip the tomato plants out by the roots before the frost gets them. Wrap the elastics around the roots so you can hang them from nails in the basement or closet. Hose off as much soil as possible before bringing them inside. That’s it, you’re done. Except for picking and eating them of course!

This method will work with all types of tomatoes. For the larger tomatoes like beefsteak you’ll want to put something soft underneath to catch any that fall off. This works amazingly well with cherry and grape tomatoes.

You’ll never again pay that ridiculous supermarket price for imported, tasteless cherry and grape tomatoes again. Just go to the basement or closet and pick some!


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