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I am PRO-LIFE! And because I am pro-life, I get asked, “Why?” (Everyone gets asked why they are for what they are.)

This is my opinion and this is why I vote the way I do for politicians. I do base my vote on more than just the life of a child, but this is my main point that I look for in our next president. The biggest question I get for being pro-life is: “What about rape victims? Don’t you believe they should be able to have an abortion if they are raped?”

And for a long time I really thought that the only reason I cannot be fully pro-life is because I did think that a rape victim should be able to have an abortion for a couple reasons: 1. they didn’t ask to have unprotected sex with that person and 2. They will not want the baby as a reminder of the rape. Until I realized, whether that victim has that abortion or not, that person has been raped. There will always be something that reminds them of the rape. Such as the place, the date, any person that walks by them could be the rapist or even just the mere memory of it is considered a haunting of the incident.

So no, I do not think anyone should have an abortion. I don’t think that aborting a baby is going to get rid of the victim’s pain of the rape. Either way, they were raped and that is not the baby’s fault. The baby didn’t ask to be conceived, the baby did not plan the rape and the baby should not be held accountable for it either.

The same goes for whether a baby should be aborted because the parents found out the baby will have a disability or be disfigured in any way. God made everyone the way he did for a reason. And it should not be our judgment as to who puts that baby’s life to an end. A person can do great things in our world no matter how normal they are or not. The babies of today are our leaders of tomorrow.

I believe in forgiveness. I believe God has forgiven all the people for their wrong doings when they asked. I believe that HE is who we will all ultimately answer to. But when it comes down to it, I don’t only believe in sparing the life of a child because God tells us to, I believe we should not have abortions because it is immoral.

What if someone didn’t want their kids anymore after so many years, would it be okay to have them killed if it made the parents life better? How is that any different than abortion? Abortion is killing a CHILD that you do not want because he/she interferes with your life. And that is wrong. Last I checked, murder was against the law and abortion is murder. If you don’t know what abortion really is, go here and look at it.  

No one NEEDS to have an abortion. There is no such thing as NEEDING one. People NEED oxygen, food, shelter, love, water… but abortion is a WANT not a NEED. And it is a WANT that comes with a high price of grieving.

Many believe that a baby is nothing more than an organ in a woman’s body until a certain numbered of weeks. For all those people, look at This shows all the stages of a baby’s life inside the mother’s womb.

There really is no reason for abortion. No one can give any excuse for killing a baby that is valid. People use abortion for all the wrong reason: 1. Used as a birth control 2. They are financially not ready 3. They are just that careless or 4. They are immature.

Do not be immature, do not be careless. Reality is, if you are pregnant, you have the responsibility to raise that child and if you cannot do that, you find an adopted family that can. When voting for our president, remember the lives that are at stake.


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