Creative Gigaworks T20 Series 2 Multimedia Speakers

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the creative t20 series 2 pc multimedia speakers are a cracking peice of work , they stand at around 10″ high , 5″ depth and 4″ wide these are a perfect pair of little speakers to fit besides your monitor or you laptop. the series 2 t20s are of a high gloss black colour making them look very stylish and sleek .

the series 2 t20 are of the same high standard as the series 1 speakers, infact they look the same but different colour , but with the series 2 t20s its whats inside them that counts,

as with the series 1 the series 2 still delivers those warm mid tones from the wooffer, while the tweeter brings you sharper crystal clear high tones , but now its all brought together with the creative basXPort(TM)technology that gives a stronger bass line . the magic with this is there is no bass speaker ,so to have all that bass is an amazing piece of technoligy.

the t20 series 2 still has 2x 14 watts of sound power, and as with the series 1 the series two is powered from the mains to the right speaker then 1 wire connects to the left speaker, all your function are on the right speaker , volume, treble, bass, so you can input whatever sound your mood pleases, from mellow relaxing sounds to full on bassy dance music to get ready on a friday night, and again on the front right speaker are two input jack sockets for use with different devices without swapping cables. and also has a headphone jack socket so you can have a more personal sound experience.


sound wise they are brillient , they look good they are small and powerfull, just like the series 1 ,

you could say the series 2 is the new modal for the year with a new dress on , and have just moved on with technoligy,

as a person who is really into hifi and my sound i can honestly say these are the best you will get for the money. but if you have an extra £40 – £50 i would recommend the t40 s but for the extra £50 is it really worth it ?


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