Ever Wondered Where We Get Our Electricity From?

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Have you ever wondered how your country gets electricity? Well I sure have. I researched this and I found it very interesting. I hope you will to. The below is how the UK gets electricity.

We get most of our electricity from power stations across the UK, these power stations are connected to the national grid and goes in our homes and other places.

We also use around 8% of our electrivity from renewable resouces and by 2010 we should get 10% of our electricity from these resourses. There are many types of renewable resources like, solar, hydro energy, wind, tidal, biofuels.

We now also use more natural gas and use less coal as coal is very bad for the environment.

In the year 2007 the percentage of primary energy derived from major sources was as follows:

  • Oil: 38.0%
  • Natural gas: 37.7%
  • Coal: 16.7%
  • Nuclear power: 5.8%
  • Renewable: 1.8%.

As you can se we use very little Renewable energy which currently is a problem however people aim to get this figure up to 15% in 15 – 20 years, however I would say the recession has hit us hard so I would say 30 years+. These figures have changed but very little and in 2010 there almost the same which is a shame as there is little improvement.

I hope you understood and enjoyed this little piece of interesting research I did as it is very important to know these figures because if we know where we are going wrong then we can do something about it and make the world a better place for generations to come. Don’t we all want that? This is a big problem and we must do something about it.


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