Dreaming reborn

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                   Dreaming reborn

                                     January 23, 2009

    On December 30th, 2008, I had probably the strangest dream that I have ever experienced. It has been said that dreams reflected what people think when they are awaking, and Christians and other people who have faith in religion may consider dream as a way that almighty God and any other super power that speak to us. But my dream on that day is a kind of combination of them, in regard of the reader who is reading this passage right now, I would like to deliver a message first that this story is very personal, you may like it or not, but to me, it is quite scary back to that dream and somewhat “unique”, so I would like to record it here for my personal interest.

  Ok, here is the background, on December 27th 2008, I was in Campus for Christ winter conference in Toronto, and we had some amazing speaker those days, my thought was completely occupied my religion and sort of curiosity about after-death myth, but as a guest (instead of a believer) there, I am not a Christian. But still, those powerful speeches had really a strong impact on me. I was struggle by the question: what’s going to happen after people’s death?

   So, here comes the story:

   It starts with a trap. Yes, I was trapped in a well, not so deep but hard to climb up. By looking up, I could see the open “exit” above me; the air was humid; however I stood on the ground, more accurately on the land, there were no water around me. Besides me, there was a nuclear bomb!!! Yes, here is the amazing thing, a real nuclear bomb just beside you standing on the edge of the well, more over, I could not reach it!!! The nuclear bomb was a silver taper, and there was a little clock on it, which appeared to “5”…seconds.

  Suddenly, I was so scared. I tried all the ways I could ever imagine and thought about to climb up the well and ran as far as I can, I was so struggling and depressed… but when you see the clock on a nuclear bomb turns out to be “4”.. “3”..There is really nothing you can do about it. So at the last second, I gave up, I knew that I was going to die, but even that makes me scared, I guess I was afraid to the unknown future.

   Then, the bomb exploded. Everything and everywhere was so bright, and suddenly it was completely dark, no pain no feeling, but I still had conscious, I tried to open my eyes, but I failed. I was waiting, for what? I did not know. Actually, rather saying I was waiting, now I would stay something was waiting. But you really do not know it when you are in completely dark. And what’s really interesting was I was even more scared after the bomb exploded. In that dark area, all you can do is just…waiting for unknown.

  And I began to hope (I wouldn’t call it pray), I said something like (I could not remember all, because I believe I said a lot there): “Gosh, what’s going to happen now?!! Oh, please, somebody, I don’t want to stay like this forever, please… lord, if I believe in you now, please, you are real, please take me away…” And all the sudden, I began to se things, I saw myself kneeling on the ground in the well, I saw myself in a form of clay, and all my skins were began to drop from my body, from my face , arms, bodies, I could feel those things were falling off me. Strangely, my view began to switch to a view of somebody else; I began to see myself in somebody else’s visual sight. And all the dusts and sands which I was pretty sure were my skin burning up by the explosion were falling off me. But instead of watching my body structure kneeling there, I saw my new skin came out from inside. So the old skins were all gone, and I was kneeling as a completely fresh “creature”.

   And slowly, my first view came back, I was turning into myself and I can touch those new skins on my arms and hands, it was like you touch babies skin, they were so “chubbiness” and alive.


   My dreams ended here.


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