How to get information about a job or career

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It is a wise idea to get more information about certain career before you decide to take it, you can dedicate a certain time to do your research.

Start with your local community, use your relationships to get more information bout the job and speak to a person who has experience on the field. Consult your relatives and friend about the career and see their advice and comments.

These days, it is very important to know detailed information about a certain job before you select a school or choose a major. There are variable online sources you can use to research a job.

Go to , This official website provides information on thousands of careers including the nature of the work, working conditions and salaries.

Go to , this website contains details and profiles written by people employed in the job. Each profile describe the job tasks, duties and places of work.

Visit , it is official website that contains details of work environment and in demand jobs. Also you can find a list of the highest paying jobs.

See , you can research salaries for jobs. find out rates of pay for different parts of the country. You can enter the job title and search by zip code. In addition there are high income and six figure jobs. Also you can use salary wizard to make a profile including your education and experience to see how much do you worth.

Visit , it has information about career fields and funding for training


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