Just Smile

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One day, the wind and sun had a debate on which of them was the stronger.

To stop the debate, they decided to conduct a test that would settle the matter once and for all.

Along came a man who was wearing a thick coat. The wind suggested that the one who can make the man remove the coat will be judged the stronger.

The sun agreed.

It was the wind’s turn first. So he blew and blew to force the man to undo his jacket. But the opposite happened. The man only held on tighter to his coat.

Not wanting to quit, the wind blew with all his might. Much to his dismay, the man seemed bent on holding on to his coat much tighter, if possible, than before!

The wind gave up. And told the sun to do his stuff.

The sun said to the wind, “I just smile at the man. If he won’t take his coat off then I smile and smile some more.”

The sun did as he said.

The man took off his coat in no time at all(!), to the wind’s utter amazement.

Morale: The use of force is never fruitful. More can be accomplished with a smile! 🙂


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