How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

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The success of the  idea, concept or project that you want to propose to  someone with goal of gaining ttheir support,  funding or alliance would depend  on  how you make a good business proposal. Your proposal should have a favorable first impression  and must explain all aspects of your proposed  projects clearly and quickly.  It should not contain so many questions.  One should instead offer answers. Also, present it  in such a way that the tone of your letter makes it feel right that you deserve to be granted the project.  Here are some of the guidelines on how to craft a solid business proposal.

1.Be resourceful. Gather some great ideas from someone who  has made several business proposal letters already. Call them, email them or write them letters to inquire. You can also browse websites of these writers. They can offer a tip or two that could be applicable to you. This will give you an idea of what works or what doesn’t work.

2. Your letter must be concise and clear. Don’t make your business proposal too long, make sure it will not reach more than ten pages at least. Give references when describing market opportunity.

3.  First, discuss the opportunity and plans that you want to take advantage of. Second, discuss the financial reports of your business and other pertinent financial data such as balance sheet and Tax Returns.

4. Determine the target market of your business.

5. Stress out what makes your company different from your competitors. You could talk about the company’s strength, technology and specialized  skills and most of all the achievements in the industry.

6. Summarize marketing plan in details but make it brief.

7. Include a discussion on top level people or who those who have key positions in the company specially the top three level.  You can give brief history of their job functions and works.

8. Present your sales forecast,  the  revenue and cash flow for the first year. Discuss how much money you think you will need to get started, how it will be used, and where you plan to obtain it.


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