Cinco De Mayo, The Fiesta Centerpiece

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Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) is a day that is celebrated by many people especially the Mexican culture. Many of us love and enjoy Mexican foods…Here I will guide on how to make a fiesta centerpiece, for Cinco de Mayo dinner party celebration. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a yummy, fiesta platter….display some yummy taco, taquitos, some corn enchiladas with the famous guacamole and hot jalapenos….Also, display some fiesta cards and play some fiesta games all in the convenience of one unique versatile photo centerpiece.

Prepare a yummy plattter of tacos the “mess free” way, perfect yummy centerpiece for Cinco de Mayo,

Here are some great tips for displaying your fiesta tacos on the multi-purpose centerpiece, in a neat, convenient and mess free way. You will be able to display 12 tacos with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and your favorite dip, all in the convenience of one centerpiece. This will be fantastic when hosting your Cinco de Mayo fiesta party.


First, if you don’t already own a  PIX N’ TRAY™ ~ Multi-Purpose Tray, you can get one at


Prepare your 12 tacos to your liking (the way you will normally prepare them.)

*My favorite “tacos” are with ground beef, lettuce, tomato, four cheese, jalapeno (HOT!) and sour cream…yummy-licious!


After you have prepared your tacos, simply place all 12 tacos on the Multi-Purpose centerpiece.

What I like about this product, is the versatility and convenience …it holds your tacos and many other foods goods and or stationary essentials in a mess free way. Once you place the tacos and other food goods/stationary goods on the centerpiece, they will stand in a upright position without you worrying of them tilting to the sides.

Finally, your tacos and other food goods, will always look yummy, tidy and delicious!

*If you like, you can place your favorite dip on center of the multi-purpose centerpiece, such as; guacamole, sour cream etc.

*You can also place on the centerpiece; lettuce, tomato, cheese etc.

Yum! I’m hungry already! 🙂

Go ahead, have yourself a Cinco de Mayo fiesta dinner party!


* You could add  pitas and tacos at the same time; just place 6 tacos and 6 pitas with your favorite yummy dressings or use the multi-purpose centerpiece for holding all your stationary essentials.

* For many more TIPS and PHOTOS go to their website at

*Nothing goes better with spicy mexican food then having a cold drink to cool your taste buds….make  a margarita and enjoy!


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