Help Or Hurt

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We have all experienced feelings of excitement. Children become excited on Christmas when they get to experience the thrill of opening up their Christmas gifts. They also become excited on their birthdays when they get to experience the thrill of opening up their birthday presents. Excitement is a wonderful feeling that has us anticipating the arrival of good things.

Unfortunately, though, we have all also experienced sadness. We become sad if someone says something hurtful to us. Death makes us extremely sad when we have to suffer through the loss of a loved one. Going through a breakup with a significant other also makes us very sad.

Anger and frustration are other negative emotions that we experience. We become angry if someone spreads untruthful gossip about us. We may get frustrated with a lazy roommate who won’t do their share of the chores.

Feelings of accomplishment brings us pleasure. A basketball player is filled with joy when his or her team wins the game. A cancer survivor will experience great relief and may have a better appreciation for life.

Emotions play a major role in our lives. They guide many of the things we do. They can help us or they can hurt us. Happiness can help you by driving you to do great things for yourself and others. Excitement can help you accomplish great things. Sadness can lead to severe depression. Anger can cause us to lash out and destroy a friendship. However, anger at a horrible injustice can lead you to do great things and make a difference by standing up for what is right.


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