How To Cover A Scab, The Easy Way

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The Easy way to Cover a Scab

Here is an easy guide on how to cover a scab. If you find yourself with a scab, there are a few simple remedies you can try in order to cover a scab.

There are simple ways to cover a scab with make up. A scab occurs when the skin has been scraped or broken in any way. Despite their rather ugly appearance, a scab serves an important purpose. The scab allows the skin to heal by keeping the wound covered. Unfortunately, there are many ways we can get a scab. In most of the cases it is an accident, however, there are circumstances when our complexion might get a scab it from severe acne.

Many cosmetics offer the chance to create the illusion and erase the appearance of a scab with make up, regardless the size and severity, but we must consider the severity of a scab and the size of a scab. To cover a scab with make up is the most rewarding way to minimize the appearance of a scab.

Things you’ll need to cover a scab with make up;

  • Moisturizer
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Face powder

Scab; first clean scab. The scab and area around it should be totally clean.

Moisturizing lotion

cover scab with a moisturizer. It is highly recommended to apply a nourishing moisturizer to the scab. This is the trick that would soften the surface of your scab and would allow the proper application of the makeup base. Hope in a Jar Therapeutic Moisturizer for Dry Sensitive Skin by Philosophy. (found in Sephora stores.)


this next step is to find the perfect make up concealer to cover the entire scab. Choose a concealer that is at least a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. The make up concealer is the most important tool to hide a scab. Make sure to look for a waterproof make up. A good make up concealer you might want to try is; Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier (found in Sephora stores.) Apply make up on scab gradually and thoroughly either with the help of your fingers or ideally a brush.

Face powder

the powder phase is just as important since this beauty product will completely cover the scab and gives a flawless overall look…brushes are best used to cover the visible effect of a scab. With the help of a specialized brush apply the powder to the scab, this helps to perfectly cover a scab. Try to use a translucent formula for better and lasting results.  Mini Loose Translucent Powder by Laura Mercier (found in Sephora stores.)

You’ll gradually notice the scab being less noticeable; the trick is in fact to add as many layers of this lightweight foundation as it is necessary. Leave each make up application on scab to dry naturally. Make sure that the make up won’t smudge.

The makeup for the scab normally offers a few hours of covering, however, if your skin will get in contact with several critical factors as water, your clothes and other it might need a quick touch-up. For this reason, waterproof make up is highly recommended to cover a scab.

Always use waterproof make up on a scab for long-lasting and smudge-proof effects.

Tip: Try using a cover stick make up concealer, which is a stick version. This will give you a full coverage and make the scab less noticeable.

* Never apply any make up on a scab which has an open wound or lesion.

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