How to be The Best Parent, The Infant Years to Adult Years

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Parenting Your Children, the Infant Years to College Years

Here is a simple guide on parenting your children during infant years to college years. You only have a short time with your precious little ones, to love and educate them before they become totally independent in the adult world. Read along this simple guide on parenting your precious children infant years to college years.

Parenting your children with love, communication, as a friend, with discipline, encouragement, and being your children’s best mentor is important during infant years to adult years. You only have a short time with your precious little ones, to love and educate them before they become totally independent in the adult world.

From the moment your child is conceived to the day they embark in college, the nurture and guidance while parenting should always be with a lot of love and respect. This helps in preparing them with the right fundamentals for a happy, respectful, educated and healthy life, not only for their infant years, but for their teen years and adult years before they are out on their own.

Remember, be the best you can be while parenting your precious little one…guide them as a parent, friend and mentor. Your children are babies for a short time, so live, love, and laugh, be creative! Treasure all the great memories they have to offer during this short time of infant years to adult years…before they reach their independence.

Simple Steps for Parenting Your Children, the Infant Years to College Years

1.      Love; Parenting your children with love is rewarding. Be the perfect role model for your children. The way you nurture and love your baby through infant years to adult years, sets the basis of how well he will live his life with love, so he can grow to be a humble loving person. So, give them attention, express your love unconditionally and in return he will have a happy healthy life with lots of love to share.

2. Communication: Parenting your children with great communication is important.Let your children know that you love them unconditionally. This creates a bond of trust for any adversity he might encounter in life. Sit down and talk while having breakfast, lunch and or dinner…this is a great time to communicate with your child and ask questions and let your child ask you questions. Another great way to communicate is by baking some yummy cookies, playing some games with your children or anything they might like. Sure helps to open doors of trust and communication.

3.       Friend: Parenting your children as a friend…is ok to be a parent and be a friend to your children. This helps to keep trust in two venues instead of just one. Spend some quality time by watching a movie together (one of your children’s favorite movies), go to the park (yes, get on the swings with your children), go bowling, go shopping together, etc. This sure helps staying well connected, not only as a parent but also as a friend. It’s very important to gain your children’s confidence so the trust between you and your children remains strong and in return your children will feel comfortable to talk to you about anything.

4.      Discipline: Parenting with some discipline. Children can be disciplined with love. There is many ways to discipline your children without disrespecting or harming in any way. Always explain to your children why you had to discipline them. This ensures a bond of respect between you and your children.

5.      Mentor: Parenting as their perfect mentor.Ok, your child will get great mentors while in school, but the most important mentor comes from home, with you as the parent. Spend quality time with your children, this helps to mentor them on a daily basis. Provide your child with, guidance, support, friendship and respect. Give advice, listen and praise their accomplishments.

6.      Encourage: Remember to always encourage your children. Always celebrate their accomplishments…tell them how proud they make you, award them with a gift or baking their favorite cake or cookies and always post their awards on the refrigerator on the living room walls to remind them of their accomplishments and this shows how proud you are of them. This also helps their confidence level stay strong and in return helps them with their confidence and self esteem through out their entire life.

Parenting the perfect fundamentals of love, communication, friendship, discipline and mentor sure is a great influence that will help last his entire life and shine upon not only your children but your grandchildren and beyond.

Treasure the wonderful memories and be the best parent you can be! Time sure flies!

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