Psalms3:1,3-8 Poetry Of Praise

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o lord how many are my foes! how many rise against me!

o lord i’m traped in darkness,please help me to see.

you are the sheild around me,o lord you bestow glory around me,

my head you lift are the water that fills my cup.

to you lord i cry aloud and you answer me from your holy hill.

lord cuzz of your gift;jesus the son,i know your love is real.

i lie down and sleep i wake again,becuzz the lord sustains me

another day you have allowed me to see.

i will not fear the tens of thousands drawnup against me on every


the lord has delivered me his victory has arrived.

lord for us your people,deliverance comes from you;

may you blessings be on us;your people,lord thank you all that you do …..

you see we must not forget that the bible was the first poetry book ever!

when we start to see that the bible is nothing more than GODS’ poetry book then we will have a better

understanding of the things he say.GOD is all that we need and we must submit to him all that we are and all that

we can.the world is in need of a saviour not a president ,the world is in need of guidence not war,

the world is in need of a great power not oil power.we when come to understand that GOD is all

we will ever need only than will we become a better people……



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