Excellent Devices Available for Diabetes Sugar Testing & Control.

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Diabetes testing is critical to the health of those afflicted with Diabetes. Accu-Check and Ascensia have designed some excellent testing supplies and they are available through the American Diabetes Association.

Accu -Chek, Advantage Glucose Meter has a snap in code key and makes its own glucose. In addition, it has a 100 valve memory which automatically stores results and stamps the exact time and date.

Accu-Chek, Compact Glucose Meter is so compact it can easily fit into a purse or even a pocket. The drum based testing reduces test strip handling. In addition, Optional alternate site testing is available and it has Data Management Capabilities.

Accu-Check, Aviva offers a wide strip for easy testing and testing is 100% pain free. In addition, results are produced in 5 seconds, a small 0.6 micro liter sample of blood is necessary.

Ascension- Unique 10 test cartridge replaces traditional test strips. The Test Cartridge automatically calibrates lactometer and produces test results in 30 seconds. In addition, 100 test memory with date and time is displayed and the cartridge has Data Management capabilities.

Ascensia- Glucometer Elite XL- The Glucometer offers no button glucose testing, 120 test memory with date and time, 14 day averaging. In addition, a small blood sample is taken and results are produced in 30 seconds.

Glucowatch- A device worn as a wrist watch. This device takes measurements every 20 minutes by electrical current through the skin.

Lasette- Draws a drop of blood from the finger using a laser. This device works well, however it is very expensive.


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