Why Must The Media Take Away Every Dream From Our Children?

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In the last few years,  scientific reports from Antarctica are letting the world know through the media that due to global warming an unprecedented event in our present history has occured, the ice on North Pole is melting away leaving in its place an open sea.

From scientists viewpoints, the North Pole is just another point on the globe and to the media another piece of information to print in the newspapers and nothing more. But symbolically, to millions of children  this part of the globe is hugely important: the North Pole is where Father Christmas has his toy factory. where he and all the elves  live and make the toys which Santa gives out to all the children on Xmas Eve. There cannot be open seas on the North Poles!

I know this argument sounds rather ridicules coming from an adult but as the mother of a six year old I am saddened to see such reports plastered all over the front page of newspapers for everyone to read including children as young as five. If such reports must be published why can’t they be printed on the seventh or eighth page?  Our fast moving world has already robbed our youngster of so much innocence with its advanced technology from which they learn things well before there is a need to.

This is the last straw, what  is left for children  to believe in? What am I going to say to my daughter when she again asks where is Santa living now that his home has been flooded?  Do I tell her that he has migrated to the mountains of China so that he can be close to all the best toy factories? 


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