College Life Is Worth Remembering

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There might be a lot of reason to be thankful for if you can afford to enter college after your secondary education but in line with that you have to know also your capacity and capability to compete with other student who will then be part of your college journey. I still remember the time when I used to study in one of the prestigious university in the Philippines and true enough I’ve learned a lot of things not only with the learnings that my professors instilled to us but I also experienced and learned how to be me and how to sociable.

I know it’s kinda annoying and a bit frustrating entering into College maybe because of the fact that once you have graduated from high school you have then to throw all your inhibitions and the childish you because you will surely meet a lot of matured individuals. I must say that when I entered college that time I became more responsible and I did my part to compete with my classmates in class to get a good grade so there I studied so hard to the point that I have to stay in the library after every break and even if I don’t have the class that day I used to go to school and study in our ambitious library.

It might be sound discriminating going to another level of student life but then keep in mind that College life will be a memorable one for you so forget all your worries and embrace the new chapter in your life because it will indeed help you to be more resposible in every action. Oftentimes, for a senior high school student saying goodbye to your high school friends is no easy because for how many years you guys had been with each other sharing laughters and joys but keep in mind that the closenes you have will never stop there.

To tell you honestly, college life epitomize the whole me today basically because it thought me a lot of things that I won’t ever forget and I would gladly remember for the rest of my life. It may not be as cool as high school life but college years help you to be more mature and realize the things that you have to realize.


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