How To Detected A Cheating Husband

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Married life is sometimes like a fairy tale. Couples can physical live in one home yet can be miles apart in two different worlds of trust and suspicion. Marriage can sometimes get sour. Some disputes can develop genuine concerns, but here some that can nasty if mistrust and suspicion rule your home. Behavioral patterns of your husband can change.  If this happens then the below are some tips to detect whether your husband is cheating you or not.

  1. When he comes home drunk, find out the club or hotels he hangs out. These are place where most men likely to hand up with woman.
  2. When he suddenly changes his normal routine of work or schedules.  Men do changes their time to accommodate for arrangement time with another woman. Find out whether the reasons given are genuine or not.
  3. Guilty Eyes. Before you welcome home your lovely husband with hot kiss, look into his eyes and see any guilt in them. Are the eyes of yearning and desire or of fear staring at you? You can kiss him still, but this will send message to your nerves.
  4. Smell him. Smell the unusual scent of your husband. You should know the brand and scents of the lotteries or perfumes in your house that your husband and you use. If you smell something unusual, ask him where he would get these scents onto his body.
  5. Search his pocket. When you do your laundry, check all your husband’s clothes. You can find some unusual articles he might have forgot to dispose of. If your husband and you do not use condom as contraceptive and you find one in his pocket, you would certainly be suspicious.
  6. Telephone calls at odd times. Watch for incoming call or your man making calls at odd times.  The conversation can be made as a business call or talked in such a manner. Sometimes, you need to check quickly the contact address on his cell phone for unfamiliar names- especially feminine names.
  7. Business trips. Check with the company or department when he takes business trip to make sure the trip was paid by the firm. Many such bogus trips would be arranged by man with other woman.
  8. The above steps should put you in a good position to know whether your husband cheats you. If you are a certain that you have a case, hire a private detective to video tape or catch your husband red handed in action.  You can then  seek  other help from then on.

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