Farmville Spring Basket: How To Fill It Fast

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Happy spring, the FarmVille Spring basket has arrived. The FarmVille Spring Basket is essentially the same as the Pot of Gold, with one key difference. Use these tips and tricks to fill yours.

FarmVille Spring Basket: How to Use It

Go to your FarmVille Gift Box.

Click on “Use” to place the small FarmVille Spring Basket on your farm.

FarmVille Spring Basket: How to Fill It Fast

1. Fertilze Your Neighbors’ Farms

Unlike other recent FarmVille holiday activities, these spring eggs for your FarmVille Spring basket may be found while fertilizing your neighbors’ farms. FarmVille is trying to encourage more interaction between farmers and farms and fertilzing is one way. If they ever decide to go the way of FarmTown, and allow FarmVille farmers to hire other farmers to plow, seed and harvest farms, they may see even more interaction.

2. Ask for Spring Eggs

The best way to receive FarmVille Spring Eggs for your Spring basket is to click on the basket and Look Inside. Click on Ask for Eggs. If you are not asking for Spring Eggs this way, and simply sending them through the free gift option (#3) you are depriving your FarmVille neighbors of benefiting from sending you the Spring Eggs. If your regular gifts are not being returned, be sure to ask from the basket instead.

What you Get When you Send Eggs

Farmers on FarmVille know the drill by now:

FarmVille Blue Spring Egg = Small Can of Fuel

FarmVille Orange Spring Egg = a mystery box (and to those of you finding more than topiaries, pigs and goats, congratulations!)

FarmVille Pink Spring Egg = 20 Free XP (not the most useful of benefits)

FarmVille Purple Spring Egg = 1,000 Free Coins (best for new farmers or farmers who like to spend)

FarmVille Red Spring Egg = a Red Spring Egg (a good way to boost your own Spring basket)

3. Free Gifts

The Spring Eggs are also available as gifts.

4. Use Your Extra Players

Be sure to use a valid email and a first and last name for your extra accounts. It’s imporant to either use new extra accounts for the FarmVille Spring Basket, or for you to recruit new FarmVille farmers. Farmers who have been farming for fewer than seven days will find more eggs than longtime farmers. Not sure how fair that is, but that’s how FarmVille wants to play it.


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