How To Prepare For Major Surgery

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Preparing for major surgery is never something that anyone looks forward to doing.  However, there are several important things to keep in mind prior to your surgery date.

 First, your physician may request blood work and EKG and other possible tests.  In addition, make sure you are honest and accurate with the surgeon when your have your evaluation before surgery; it is important to disclose any medications you take, any past medical conditions including surgeries.  You may also be asked about your dietary and alcohol habits.

It is important to reveal to the physican your drinking or any drug habits that you may have.  A person who is  a heavy drinker may ultimately require more anestesia than a non-drinker.  Also, if you take prescription medication an adjustment may be required prior to your surgery date. 

 Most important, you must refrain from any food or drink for at least 12 hours prior to surgery.  The reason no food or drink is permitted is due to the fact the anesthesia can make nauseated. 

 Finally, depending on the nature of the surgery it may be required that you take it easy and recuperate from your ordeal.  In many cases though, the doctor may order you to move about in an attempt to recover more quickly.

 Surgery is never pleasant however, as long as you follow doctor’s orders you should recover quickly with no real complications.  Follow up is almost always required especially if you have stitches that must be removed. 

Follow doctors orders exactly and concentrate on a speedy recovery.


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