Final Fantasy Xiii Eidolon Combat Guide- Odin

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Lightning’s Eidolon, Odin is one of the tougher enemies in Final fantasy XIII to beat, but is he worth it? Lets take a look.

Normal combat

Odin’s attacks are lightning based, so he’s best used against mechanical enemies, and others with an antipathy for electricity. Live other elemental Eidolons though, if the enemy has any resistacnes to lightning, he will ignore them.

As Lightning makes a half decent ravager, there’s very little reason for her not to be in this role while fighting alongside Odin. Remember- chain gauges= Gestalt, and gestalt is where your Eidolons really lay down the hurt. Odin is also quite tanky, and while he’s not a true Sentinel, he does seem to draw enemy fire effectively. Ular’s shield also lets him take a lot of flack without loosing too much SP. In short, Lightning should be very safe for this summon, so don’t worry about making sure she has protect or shell on- she’ll survive just fine.

Gestalt mode

Am I the only one who finds the fact that the characters end up riding the Eidolons a little… perverted? Well, either way, Odin has a greater range of moves than Shiva, including elemental AOE’s and non elemental attacks. Odin’s gestalt points costs also vary, so remember to think before you use each move- make sure you have as few points left as possible when you begin the final attack. Beyond that, Odin doesn’t require much in the way of consideration- he will attack whatever you target and hit it.

Stormblade- 2 points, basic melee attack, single target.

Lightning strike – 3 points, as above, but also ends with a lightning spell.

Razor gale- 3 points, multiple melee strikes, finishes with non elemental spell.

Thunderfall- 4 points. Large lightning damage AOE. Launches all enemies.

Zantetsuken- Finisher. Causes chain gauge to spike and instantly kills any enemy with low HP.


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