How Can Love Change Your Life? Discover The Unconscious Guidance In Dreams

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Cases where someone is obliged to change their plans and give up a life project because they fall in love with someone are very common.

Perhaps the person you love lives somewhere else, and you need to follow them, abandoning your country, studies, job, as well as your family and friends.

Perhaps the reason that you have to change your plans in order to be with them is something else, but the dilemma you have to face is the same.

Love changes the way you live your life in all aspects, making you feel happy without reason, or making you too sensitive, but if you have to make serious decisions in order to be with the person you love, this big change in your life may have many negative aspects.

If you like what you are doing but you have to abandon your studies for example, you have to face a very big dilemma.

What should you do? Abandon everything and never get your diploma? Never work doing exactly what you want, but try to find another way to do something similar?

Of course you would prefer to continue following your plans and also have the person you love near you, but many difficulties may prevent you from making the perfect combination you desire, and you’ll have to choose one thing or another.

Each case is different and we cannot find a general solution that could be applied to all cases.

Based on my observations over many years, treating people that suffered from serious mental illnesses, I can tell you that if you are very young and you are studying something you really like, you had better continue doing what you are doing, and forget your love for someone that will oblige you to stop studying.

The frustration you’ll feel for not having done what you wanted will follow you for life, even if you are happy with the person you love. Now, imagine how you’ll feel if you abandon everything only in order to live with someone you love but in the end you are disappointed and even face a divorce…

Unfortunately, disappointments and deceptions are more frequent in human life than happiness and satisfaction.

On the other hand, if you find the ideal person for you and live with them the most perfect life, nothing else will really matter, because you’ll be happy.

Perhaps your previous plans would never lead you to the happiness you were dreaming of.

So, nobody can really help you decide what you should do when you are in such dilemma.

However, if you know how to translate the meaning of your dreams, you can ask the unconscious mind what will be better for you, since you can predict the future with the visions that the unconscious mind sends you in dreams.

The unconscious mind is very generous and will explain in detail what you should do.

This way, you won’t act based on your suppositions and desires: you’ll have the objective help of a wise, ancient mind that keeps sending you dream messages in order to protect your mental health and happiness.


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