Final Fantasy Xiii Eidolon Combat Guide- Shiva

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Basic Combat

Despite being the first Eidolon you get, shiva is one of the weirdest to control. The summon actually comprises of two separate Eidolons who behave differently.

Stiria acts as a medic and synergist, keeping everyone healed and safe. When she’s not doing that, she behaves more like a ravager, casting elemental ice attacks on your enemies.

Nix is more like a commando, inflicting physical attacks and ruin on the enemy as her main purpose in combat. She also uses her ATB charge skill to build up her ATB faster, allowing her to attack more frequently.

Despite the fact that shiva uses ice based attacks, they seem to ignore the enemy’s elemental resistance to ice (assuming they have one), so don’t worry about using this summon on elemental enemies- it will be far more effective on ice weak mobs, but it will still work even if the enemy has a resistance!

Snow makes a pretty poor ravager, so your best bet here is to go commando, but you can also build up shiva’s gestalt gauge by going sentinel and keeping attacks away from the sisters. They are more than capable of building up chains by themselves, so don’t be afraid to do this.

Gestalt mode

Despite the fact that Shiva’s normal summon is so weird, her gestalt mode is one of the easiest to control in Final Fantasy XIII. All her attacks cost 3 points, and this means that you don’t need to plan ahead to make sure you’ve used as many attacks as possible before her finisher. Also, none of Shiva’s attacks are hard to aim, and you don’t really need to worry about the position. She does have one AoE though, so remember that when you plan the fight. Here are her moves:

Wheelie– Non elemental damage. Single target.

Spin freeze- Ice damage, AoE, will launch staggered enemies.

Ice drift- Non elemental damage.

Ice Ramp- Ice Damage, single target

Diamond dust- Finisher, Ice Based damage.


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