Do Bad Backlinks Hurt Your Search Engine Ranking?

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I am sure you have heard the “bad links to a blog hurts its search engine ranking position” phrase, once or twice. As you know link building is one of the most important part of a SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A good backlink building campaign helps your blog’s ranking position, as well as generating targeted traffic for your site. Its obvious that a backlink from a high quality authority site, that is also related to the theme of your blog, have much more weight in determining your blog or site’s page rank. But, how about links coming from non relevant low ranking sites? Do “bad links” as they are called, help, or hurt your site’s ranking?…

There is a big debate (i would call it a big “misunderstanding”) amongst many webmasters and bloggers about the effects of backlinks from low quality sites. Many bloggers and webmasters believe that getting links to your site from link farms and low quality Web sites that are unrelated to your site’s theme, will hurt your search engine ranking. This is simply a myth. Although links from link farms and other low quality non relevant sites will not help your site when it comes to its search engine ranking, they wont hurt its position either. Of course if you are actively using link farms or FFA (Free For All) link pages, that is a different case and it will hurt your efforts.

I mean think about it, if bad links did hurt a Website or blog’s page rank, your competition could easily push you aside and get your page rank drop in no time. How crazy is that? You work hard for months and even years to achieve a higher search engine ranking, and all of a sudden, your competition can lower your page rank, by simply linking to your blog by commenting and leaving your link as the source in hundreds of low quality none relevant blogs, and adding your link to any lousy link farms they can find. I don’t think search engines would base their ranking system on something that can be manipulated that easy.

It just doesn’t make sense to downgrade a blog or a website, based on so called “bad links” that anybody can build, even your own competitions. And That’s why i firmly believe that the idea of bad links hurting your blog’s search engine ranking, is nothing more than a myth. What about you?… do you think bad links to your site will hurt its ranking position?

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