3 Tips For Writing Better Articles To Generate More Traffic And Sales

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Article marketing is a powerful tool that many people use it online. Almost all online money makers from affiliate marketers to bloggers and anyone in between benefits from article marketing in some way or another. Article marketing can help you build quality backlinks, promote a product as an affiliate marketer, establish yourself as an expert in your niche, and its a free way to drive traffic to your site.

But to enjoy the maximum benefits of article marketing, you need to know how to write good articles. Obviously the better you write your articles, the more success you will have with your article marketing campaign. There are a few things that most successful articles have in common. These are like the structure of any well written article. Knowing and applying those points to your articles can help you write better and more effective articles.

The title of an article is the first thing readers will see, and it is based on that first impression that the reader decides to read or ignore your article. You have to basically fit your whole article in a short sentence to grab readers attention. The title is the most important part of any article. Use interesting and attention grabbing titles fro your article.

The title of your article needs to inspire curiosity. That’s how you get more views. Think of article views as traffic. For example if you have an article on an article directory, your title should make people casually scanning a list of article titles stop on yours, because something in the title seemed out of the ordinary. But, keep in mind not to promise something in your title that you can’t deliver in the body of the article. That will disappoint your readers, and probably make them not want to come back to you.

This is the actual article, the main body of your article. Your real purpose is NOT to give your readers all the answers to their questions/problems. Take our example above(submitting your articles to article directories), if you give all the answers in your article, the readers won’t feel the need to click your link and visit your site? So, your goal instead is to reinforce their need to get answers/solutions. Sure, you do want to include general answers, especially if you promise them in the article’s title. Just don’t give it all away. The main focus of the body of your article should be to reinforce in the reader’s mind that what they’re seeking answers to is definitely worth getting answers to. Gin up their sense of urgency about finding a solution. That’s the key, and it’s what probably 90% of article marketers get wrong.

Resource box (about author)-The Promised Land
A good article by the time readers are done with it, should have readers ready to find that solution. And that’s where the resource box or about author comes in. If you don’t take advantage of your resource box, all your hard work in writing and submitting articles will mean nothing. You are submitting articles to article directories and content sites to gain backlink as well as traffic to your site.

In your article you’ve convinced them that their problem is real, and that it needs an immediate solution. Now it’s time to push that final button with a straightforward call to action telling them to click on your link for the solution to their problem. Tell them explicitly that if they do click that link, they’ll find the ultimate answer they seek.

It could be hard to write article following this method, if your not used to it, but with some practice, and maybe failing a couple of times, you will be able to write articles that will definitely increase your traffic and sales, which is why you do article marketing in the first place.

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