2010 Fantasy Baseball Third Base (3B) Tiers Rankings

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Using tiers rankings can be very beneficial when drafting and when forming your draft strategy. A strategy of using a tiers ranking is to not reach for one player if you think that you can get another player in the same tier in a later round. I think that these rankings are especially useful for drafting 1B, OF, and SP this year, seeing that these positions are very deep and you will have many opportunities to pass up one player for another similar player in a later round.

Third base is unusually shallow this year compared to past seasons. After the third tier, the level of talent really goes downhill. While it seems like third base is always a very deep positions with plenty of big bats, this year is different and you should be wary of this when drafting.

Tier 1: Alex Rodriguez, Evan Longoria, David Wright

A-Rod hit 30 homers last year despite only playing 124 games. If he stays healthy he should go back to putting up outstanding numbers like years past. Longoria is only 24 years old and has already put up superstar numbers. I see him only getting better this year. David Wright had an absurd off year last season, but I expect him to bounce back and put up another 30-30 season.

Tier 2: Mark Reynolds, Ryan Zimmerman, Kevin Youkilis, Pablo Sandoval, Aramis Ramirez

Reynolds will provide the most power along with speed from this group but will hurt your average. The other four should all put up similar numbers, hitting .300, driving in 100+ runs, and blasting 25-30 homers.

Tier 3: Chone Figgins, Michael Young, Gordon Beckham, Chipper Jones

Michael Young and Chipper Jones are more on the decline, but I think they can still put up good numbers this year. Beckham had a very good season last year, and given a full season of playing time, he should do very well. I think Figgins will have a bit of a hit to his runs but otherwise should continue to hit for good average and steal bases.

Tier 4: Adrian Beltre, Jorge Cantu

These two guys should put up similar stats, a line of .280-25-95 is definitely obtainable.

Tier 5: Chris Davis, Ian Stewart, Martin Prado

These are all pretty young players who have shown bright signs, with Prado being the safest choice. Chris Davis is a good post-hype sleeper option, and if he can cut down on the strikeouts a bit and raise his average, he could be in for a very good season.

Tier 6: Chase Headley, Mark DeRosa, Alex Gordon, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Casey Blake, Edwin Encarnacion, Jhonny Peralta, Mark Teahen, Casey McGehee, Scott Rolen, Troy Glaus

These players will give you late round options that don’t have much potential, but could still be a solid option for decent all around numbers and 25 homers. Rolen and Glaus are getting up there in age, but Rolen still hit .305 last year and Glaus is only a couple seasons removed from good numbers.


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