2010 Fantasy Baseball Second Base (2B) Tiers Rankings

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Using tiers rankings can be very beneficial when drafting and when forming your draft strategy. A strategy of using a tiers ranking is to not reach for one player if you think that you can get another player in the same tier in a later round. I think that these rankings are especially useful for drafting 1B, OF, and SP this year, seeing that these positions are very deep and you will have many opportunities to pass up one player for another similar player in a later round.

Second base is always a very shallow position, as are Catchers and Shortstops. I usually try to put emphasis on drafting solid picks at these positions because it is a lot easier to pick up good bats at 1B and OF later on in the season. I would try to get a hold of a second basement in the 1st to 3rd Tiers, as they are all mostly reliable picks.

Tier 1: Chase Utley

Utley has had an OPS of over .900 the past seasons, and has averaged 150 games per season in that time. Utley has been consistent and should put up the same numbers this year.

Tier 2: Ian Kinsler, Dustin Pedroia, Brandon Phillips, Robinson Cano, Aaron Hill, Brian Roberts

The reason why Kinsler is in this group is because of his history of injuries, which has always been a problem. I see all of these players as being solid options at second base, with not much risk other than Kinsler and Roberts, who are injury risks.

Tier 3: Ben Zobrist, Dan Uggla, Jose Lopez

Zobrist broke out last year to post outstanding numbers. I expect him to have a solid season but not quite as good as last year. Uggla should give you his usual 30 homers, but will hurt your average. Lopez will provide a little better average but less power.

Tier 4: Howie Kendrick, Asdrubal Cabrera, Ian Stewart

These three guys are all pretty young and not quite established yet. Kendrick and Cabrera should be able to hit for .300 while Stewart could hit 30 homers, but won’t hit for any average.

Tier 5: Rickie Weeks, Casey McGehee, Clint Barmes, Placido Polanco, Martin Prado

Weeks was finally showing signs of the player that he was expected to be, until he got an injury that ended his season. While he is a risk, his upside could be .270-20-20 which isn’t bad. McGehee had a very solid season last year once given an everyday job, but given his minor league track record, I don’t think he will do the same this year. Barmes to me is a question mark and I don’t know what to expect from him, but I think that Polanco and Prado should be safe picks. Also, Polanco should bat second in the stacked Phillies lineup, which should give him a lock for 100 runs.

Tier 6: Freddie Sanchez, Orlando Hudson, Felipe Lopez

Should give you a decent .280 average but won’t contribute much to any other categories.


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