Want to get a six pack?

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There are 2 reasons you are probably reading this article. Reason 1 is being that you want a 6 pack to impress that girl or just want to stay healthy. Reason 2? You’re bored and thought you would read some articles on the internet. Either way I will tell all of you out there how to get a 6 pack and show it off.

What you need is simple. Everything you need is what you already have. You need time (preferably 10 minutes), a couch, and a goal.
First off, get into some comfortable clothes that you like. After that you will need to get to your couch. When you are on your couch sit down. Now begin doing 20 knee-ups. After that you may continue on to the next exercise.

For this exercise you need to lay down and hold on to your couch for support. This is called a leg raise. Do 20 of these also. Now if you continue on you may do more than 20 but be careful you do not want to overwork yourself.

Afterwards, you may now do 20 cycles. It is just like riding a bicycle except you are kicking at the air. To do this you have to stay in the leg raise position and start moving your legs as if you are on a bike.

Now comes my favorite exercise! A crunch, but not a regular one. A reverse crunch. This is done by using the couch as support, and positioning yourself in the crunch position. After you have done that all you have to do is bring your legs up.

Now this is my work-out. My last exercise if the hip thrust. All you do is lie on your back and pick your legs up and thrust with your hip. These are all of the main exercises that have gotten me my 6 pack and I love it.

All you have to do now is follow these steps, watch the video to see how you perform the exercises and if you would like  you can even do even more exercises as shown in the video. Have a good time with your 6 pack and showing it off at the beach!

Link to video:


It took me a while to find someone who also did the same routine and here they are performing it! Enjoy!


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