Benefits Of Getting An Epidural

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It may sound scary having somebody stick a huge needle in your spine but for some people the epidural is the best solution. Pain tolerance is something to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to get an epidural. The epidural might be a good option for a person with a low tolerance for pain.

Talking to your doctor about any questions you may have will set your mind at ease. I’m not going to sugar coat it, childbirth hurts a lot. If you have a high tolerance for pain then you might be fine to go through childbirth without any kind of drugs. Keep in mind that every woman is different and every birth is different. The amount of pain you will experience varies.

Does the epidural hurt? Not really. Of course when somebody sticks a needle into your spine there is going to be a little pain involved. I would compare it to getting your blood drawn, which I’m sure you’ve gone through several times over the course of your pregnancy. If you can get your blood drawn, you can handle the epidural. The epidural is actually better because you can’t see the needle coming at you. The epidural is also nothing in comparison to the pain of the contractions.

Some people may tell you that getting an epidural is bad for the baby. That’s not true. Any competant doctor would not let you do something that could put you or the baby at serious risk. Granted there are some risks involved in getting the epidural but you get that with any drug.

Now that you know what the epidural is like you should have an easier time in making your decision. It’s always good to know what you want to do before you actually go into labor. Keep in mind that if the pain gets too much to bear you can always change your mind. Good luck!


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