Incomes Of Men And Women

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The average income of people increases a great deal when those people have completed their high school education. Their average income increases even more when they have a college education.

In the year 2000, the average annual salary of men who graduated high school was reported as being over thirty thousand dollars. That reported annual salary is about twelve thousand dollars more than men who did not complete high school. Based on this report, men who completed their high school education could earn several thousand dollars more than men who did not receive an education beyond nine years of schooling.

Even more so, if a man had a bachelors degree from attending college, then that man could be expected to earn twice as much money as a man who only completed high school. So, if you don’t believe that a college education is well worth the investment, then it is safe to say that your assumption is more than likely not true.

The difference between women who earned a bachelor’s degree from attending college and women who only completed their high school education was about eighteen thousand dollars of annual income. Over her lifetime, a woman with a bachelor’s degree can earn about twice as much as someone who only has a high school diploma.

However, the average woman still earns thousands of dollars less than the average man, even at the same education level as those men, according to the Statistical Abstract of the United States.

That is only the mid-point of the distribution, though. Which means that there are many men and women earning a higher amount, as well as some earning a lower amount. The average statistics of annual income and the education levels involved in those incomes shows that a higher education will more than likely lead to a higher income.


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